Workers’ Compensation

Surveillance Specialists

Decades of sub rosa experience throughout most regions of California, with a specific focus on Workers’ Compensation claims. Unlike many other firms, all of our sub rosa investigators are experienced, licensed professionals, trained to collect video evidence in routine situations and in a variety of challenging circumstances.

Subrogation Specialists

Decades of third-party investigation experience on scaffold, construction, auto/truck, toxic and product losses, combined with Workers’ Compensation investigating experience for successful subrogation recovery.

AOE/COE Specialists

Decades of experience handling all types of cases,  including catastrophic loss, stress, heart, death and cumulative trauma claims; soft-tissue injuries including back, hernia, knee problems and carpal tunnel cases. We typically receive a high percentage of complex cases involving potential civil overlay issues, such as wrongful termination, harassment, and discrimination claims.


Experienced, expert interviewers (some bilingual); detailed recorded statements taken, summarized and transcribed,  if necessary.  Professional language interpreters available.

Background Investigations

Specialists on staff.  International access to records via computer databases and other sources. Pre-trial, due diligence, employment screening, locates, State and Federal Civil/Criminal backgrounds, medical history, non-industrial factors of injury, financial, real estate, employment associations, automobile (driving and ownership), WCAB, and business record searches completed when required.

Subpoena Services

Locate investigations, subpoena preparation and service (including “hard to serves”).

“We certainly do appreciate all your work on this thus far—-a review of the file showed your usual thorough follow up on the many aspects of this really complex case, with so many issues.”

– C.J. Sr. Claims Representative