Why Leary & Associates?

Experience & Knowledge – Throughout California

  • We employ a team of highly experienced, licensed Investigators, located throughout California.
  • Combined, our Investigators possess over 200 years of investigative experience.
  • Our Investigators have diverse investigative backgrounds, ranging from insurance investigations; EEOC/DFEH investigations; surveillance investigations; corporate investigations; financial investigations; legal investigations; background investigations; domestic investigations; criminal investigations; to asset/recovery investigations. Many of our Investigators are considered experts in their field.
  • Since 1969, we have successfully conducted many thousands of investigations.

Results – Our Mission

  • Although we handle more routine investigations regularly, a significant segment of the cases our clients assign to us are high-profile, high-exposure, sensitive and/or complex cases. Over the years, our clients have come to count on us to obtain the information they need, when they need it.
  • With many decades of investigation experience, we have developed relationships with independent sources for information, top Investigators throughout the nation, and access to a vast number of public, private, and proprietary databases.
  • We pride ourselves on being dedicated to diligent, creative and high-quality investigations, where thorough collection of information is the norm, not the exception.

Our Clients

  • Our clients include some of the largest and most respected law firms, insurance companies, self-insured entities, corporations, and government agencies, nationwide.

“Wow! This is an excellent report. Thank you so much for the great work done.”

– C.B. Sr. Claims Representative